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  2. ruinedchildhood:

    When you open a bag of lays chips and there’s only like 5

  3. Watch "Chris Martin Sings Emotionally About Ordinary Thi…" on YouTube

    Chris Martin Sings Emotionally About Ordinary Thi…:

  4. snoia:

    i literally have no idea what im gonna do if i dont end up rich

    (vía ghostlywinters)

  5. paulpak:

    the saddest feeling ever is when you finish a show because you watched all of the episodes too quickly and you just want to stay inside that world for a little bit longer, but you can’t

    (Fuente: princehomo, vía ghostlywinters)

  6. shadowpaintedrose:




    you are the dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen.

    that is a raccoon

    Guardians of the Galaxy looks so good 

    This post is a beautiful train wreck

    (Fuente: looo-ch)

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